Kvazi godalni kvartet

Wannabe string quartet Podoknicarji is trying to deliver pleasant musical experience since year of 2006. On that magical day, four very good friends agreed that all women should receive more attention and praise. The group selected a name Podokničarji which in direct translation means ˝guys bellow the window˝ but more official english term would be - the serenaders. At first they prepared a selection of touching romantic love songs which were played mostly under woman's windows. With time the original idea outgrew into something greater. Today they are recognized as a popular string quartet group which entertains the public with evergreens, hits from the 90ies, slovenian traditional songs, dalmatian hits, pop music and many other songs that bring a smile on their face.  When you think that's all they have to offer, they make you laugh with their humorous inserts, cabaret style of songs introductions, on some occassions they even decide to sing and that's a treat for your ears.

They already had over 400 gigs, mostly in Slovenia where they come from, but they introduced themselves also abroad (ITA, FRA, ESP, AUT, BIH, CRO). Over the years they gained vast experiences with playing on various official events, celebrations, weddings, protocol events, TV shows, street busking, self organized concerts and of course serenades.